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Auto Title Loan FAQs


Quickly find answers to your auto title loan questions from Arizona Auto Lenders.

Auto Title Loans / Personal Loans

Auto Title Loans Kingman AZ
Looking for an auto title loan? Contact Arizona Auto Lenders for custom-made car title loans and personal loans, just for you! We are your best bet when it comes to an auto title lender in Kingman, AZ and other convenient locations in Mohave County.

Arizona Auto Lenders has been helping Arizona families with short-term auto title loans and personal loans since 2002. We are a family owned and operated car title lending company that can provide you a fast and easy solution to all of your auto title loan needs.

As an experienced car title loan company, we offer flexible loan amounts, a choice of repayment terms, and a time-saving application process that are all designed with YOU in mind.

Unlike a two week payday loan, auto title loans give you more flexible payment options because they are based on the value of your vehicle. The entire loan process takes about 30 minutes.

We also offer an equal payment plan with an option to pay weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. During the loan application process, you choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Call toll free 888-484-4044 today to schedule an appointment.

Before applying for an auto title loan from Arizona Auto Lenders, please read the following important loan rate information:

Loan Amount
Monthly Interest

Below are a few examples based on a one month time period.

Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Loan Time
Total Due
1 Month
$   117.00
1 Month
$   632.50
1 Month
1 Month

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AZ Auto Lenders offers fast and convenient bad credit personal loans, loans secured by your car as collateral and pink slip loans in Kingman AZ, Cottonwood AZ, Prescott Valley AZ, Flagstaff AZ, Lake Havasu City AZ, Fort Mohave AZ and Bullhead City AZ even if you have bad credit as we do no credit checks. We have offices for auto title loans located in the following Arizona cities:

Cottonwood | Prescott Valley | Flagstaff | Lake Havasu City | Fort Mohave | Kingman | Bullhead City